The caring staff is unparalleled from other care facilities we have experienced. The staff understands and accommodates the UNIQUE needs of Parkinson’s patients which in turn helps in the patient’s overall care, health and happiness. Thank you for all that you do each day!”

–Family member of West Bloomington resident

“PSC has been the vital link to allowing my 95 year old mother to remain living independently. Courtney has been assigned to my mother since we began using PSC over a year ago and she has become a true friend and companion for my mother. My mother often has special needs that require Courtney to perform tasks above and beyond the normal duties and she always rises to the challenge with her positive attitude and willingness to get the job done. The caring staff has regular hours Monday through Friday but is always available when special needs arrive in the evenings or on weekends.”

–Family member of PSC Home Health Care client

“When the time came for my family and I to look for a skilled care facility for my mom, we looked at many options but always came away feeling like we had to “settle” for something that didn’t quite meet all of her needs, especially related to her Parkinson’s. So many facilities just didn’t fully understand or accommodate for the unique needs to someone with Parkinson’s. Then we discovered Parkinson’s Specialty Care. We had no idea that such a place existed and it was truly an answer to our prayers. From the first day we walked in to the smell of fresh baked cookies, to the tender and dedicated staff, we knew we had found our mom’s home away from home. We are forever grateful for the kindness and respect the staff showed to our mom, the way they maintained her dignity and made her feel valued, and the welcoming environment they created for us as family. PSC will always hold a tender place in our hearts.”

–Family member of Maplewood resident

“Dad lives at a home where the staff adore him and THEY KNOW PARKINSON’S. I did not fully understand the importance of this until recently. They not only give great care to my dad but they have helped me so much. After he moved into this Parkinson’s Specialty Care he is actually reading the paper again. THIS IS SO HUGE TO ME. Most of my memories of my dad are him laying in bed watching TV and reading. He had not wanted to read since long before moving there. I feel that a lot of stress has been lifted off him because there is someone there 24/7 and he does not have to have any responsibility any more.”

–Family member of West Bloomington resident